Tell Me

       ...Tell me, when you've finally lost everything; your sanity, your friends, ...any people who cared about you, the ability to think clearly, the ability to do almost anything... When your hope, faith, love and trust are gone, and your future is grim and broken, and no one seems to even care, what do you do next? When your life has began to crumble and there's no going back and no fixing it, and the earth feels like it's cracking, shaking under your sore, tired feet but you can't stop it from letting you drop and drown in the darkness... what do you do? You've called and cried out for help, but the only voice you hear coming back is your own echo. You try to keep moving, but it feels like you're drowning; dieing alive, every step you take your body slows,you tremble, and just trying to stand makes you want to collapse, and give up, give in to the invisible forces dragging you down. Every breath you take is dry and still, but icy cold and it surges through your lungs. It takes away your soul, your reason to live, your passion. And yet you keep moving, feeling dead, a somber zombie. But you're still alive. And no mater what you do, you can't fix this crumbling, deserted and mournful path. You can't leave. Even if you wanted to, you have no will, your heart has broken; it is bruised and crushed, dry and filled with dust, no longer capable of caring or loving.

       When your future is grim, dark, gloomy and dismal... When you feel like you're drowning alive and barely breathing and you struggle to just keep your mind working; turning, turning, and when you've lost all hope... when your friends have all abandoned you to the cruelty of this world,this world filled with hatred, death, lost faith and lust; when they've tossed you overboard or into the dust. When you've nothing to live for... when you've finally lost everything; your sanity, your friends... When your whole world has finally, officially fallen apart, and you're drowning for real this time, and the air seeping out of your chest, but no one is there to save you...
Tell me.... what happens next?

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