I can't do this. I don't care what anyone says. I'm NOT doing this. I'm not falling for it again.

My life has been so much easier, I've learned my lesson and I'm not about to throw it all down the drain. I seriously can't believe he would try to talk to me again, and invite me over, especially since he lost my number in the first place.

Men are so stupid. He might be able to forget what happened but I didn't. I learned my lesson, and I know that he hasn't changed a bit so why would I go over just to be harassed again? My life has been so easy without him dragging me down every two seconds. Just because we were friends for 3 years doesn't mean we can be friends again. Even if I were to trust you again, we can't be friends. We just can't. Our friendship was already heading downhill, you just made it way worse. We're too different now, we've changed. Especially you. I know we all change and grow apart but you.... you just turned into a completely different person. You went from the best friend anyone could ever have, to a person, that when I told other people two sentences about something you did they were already calling you names and telling me to give up on you and leave before I got hurt. I was too stupid to listen and thought I could help you. You're the reason I'm supposed to be seeing a counselor twice a week, you're the reason I have atelophobia, and why I'm afarid to be around people, and you think you can just walk back into my life?

Fuck. You.

What the hell do you take me for?

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