Simple utter of words, the quick motion of touch


A brief statement, the brush of an arm

The yell, the glare, the despied remarks

Yet again they sink, seep into my bones


I cannot forget

Niether control


The things I have done or will do

The effort, the panic, the crash

The words, the tears held back


Past battles relived

Attack, gash, hot burn, wound, eternal scar


The eyes that watch me

They never forgive, cannot forget

Every wrong movement

Comes to live once more

Breath short, faster it beats, Panic and Fear

They stab at the bloody wound

They laugh as they make their way through my viens

Faster and faster it beats, faster and faster it spins

The merry-go-round of Pain

Regret torments the heart too, he tickles with hurt

As the heart spins and spins

Love, Faith and Trust unable to stop the mery-go-round of Despair

They are tortured too

Slowly, slowly, it seeps into me.


The fast question, a mistaken accusation

A deep breath

I wish you knew you much it hurts...

But even if you did, would you care?


You tell me you care, then tell me you don't

I'm already so lost, must you blindfold me? 



My own best friend, please don't leave me

I hate you! How could you do this to me?!


You'll be mine forever... I love you



All I ever wanted was to be... was nor-

Nevermind, you wouldn't understand. You wouldn't care.


I'm getting dizzy

I need you, but I need to throw you away.

I want you, but I want the old you.


Panic and Fear take a step back

I spin less slowly....


Sadness, misery, melancholy, sorrow

Dispair is still better than being numb

My thinking clears

My emotions, they still work after being abused

The scars still bleed, my mind burns from time to time

But I wont give up

You'll be back one day

Back to You

And I'll be back too.

I love you but I'm letting go.


This isn't good-bye.




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