Hey dere. :p

So how should I go along with this whole  blog thing?? Hmm. Well I'm not in the mood to do anything fancy right now so I'll just type a little. 

My phone broke. :/ it'll be awhile till its fixed. Whoever was using some sort of hot water while I was takin a shower... >:U mah shower was cold. XD But then it got really hot after whoever stopped using whatever. Meh. I took a freakin long shower. O.o

Getting a haircut today.... And maybe a stripe of color in my hair. Cool, right? :D I is happy. 

I have so much homework this weekend.... Cuz we had a sub in English and a really confusing assignment. So now I get to try to do it on my own this weekend. And I have to finish reading my library book, practice my trombone.... Normally this wouldn't be too much but I'm so fricken lazy.... XD

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